Het Behavioral and Social Sciences Congress wordt georganiseerd door de Congress Committee. De commissie bestaat uit leden van de studieverenigingen VIP, ODIOM en Sociëtas. Het congres zal plaatsvinden op woensdag 10 mei 2023. Tijdens het congres zullen er interessante sprekers en workshops zijn. Ook zal er een netwerkevent zijn, waar studenten in contact kunnen komen met bedrijven in het werkveld. Het doel van het congres is om de studenten van onze faculteit te voorzien van extra kennis over studie-gerelateerde onderwerpen en om ze voor te bereiden op hun toekomstige carrière. 

Er is momenteel één afgevaardigde die Sociëtas vertegenwoordigt in de CoCo, namelijk:

Marek van Asselt

Carlijn, 22, is our chairman. Her job is to keep an overview, lead the meetings and support the other committee members. She is currently in the last year of the academic teacher program. In the future, she hopes to get a job in educational policymaking.

Marek is 27 years old and is the treasurer for the CoCo. He studied HR and is now doing a pre-master in sociology. He manages the budget and monitor spending. His hobbies include football, frisbee, watching movies, meet with friends and cooking. He also works as a consultant at a small software company. One thing he really like to do is watch cooking videos while eating. Otherwise he gets hungry from watching them. He also has a monthly cinema subscription for the Pathe which he uses to watch all kinds of movies while being hangover, which is really great.

Louise (20) is our secretary. She is responsible for all the administrative tasks regarding the congress. Currently, Louise is in her second year of Psychology and Honours, which she is still very excited about! She is working on doing her minor in France, as she is partly French. In the future, she might want to work in the field of Work and Organisational Psychology. Besides studying, Louise likes to go for a run, have drinks with friends and go to concerts. She likes to try new things and meet new people, which is why she joined the committee!

One of our acquisition members is Ilse. She makes sure that we have sponsors, workshops and companies for the networkevent. She is currently in her masters of Orthopedagogiek and is a member of ODIOM. Besides her study she loves to do fun activities with friends, like going to the city or watching series in bed. She is still figuring out what she wants to do after her master, so hopefully the Congress will give more insights!

Together with Ilse, Julie also works on the acquisition of the BSS Congress. She is in her first year of the study Psychology, so what she wants to do later is still very vague. Preferably something with neuropsychology. Besides her study she loves to spend time with friends and try lots of different hobbies. Because why try one and stick to it when you can do a new one every week. Some of the hobbies that did hold on longer than a week are traveling and making music and art.

This is Ruben (25) en he is responsible for the day organisation. This includes having contact with the location and arranging speakers. Ruben is in his last year of the AOLB (academic teachers’ training college) and already teaches at an elementary school. Later he would also like to work in youth care. In his spare time he enjoys playing the piano, playing volleyball and meeting up with friends.

Adam is a third year psychology student from Ireland (blessings and begorras), and is involved in promoting the congress. Aside from congresses, Adam enjoys listening to terrible music, reading, running and training for the upcoming flunkyball season. Adam is greatly interested in research and clinical psychology, but he is currently unsure if he will be a practitioner or a patient.

Danique (22) is, together with Adam, responsible for the promotion. She studies the premaster orthopedagogiek and works as a teacher. In the future she hopes to combine her work as a teacher with her work as an orthopedagogue. She likes to bake and loves to go the gym (some weeks more then others). She has never seen a Harry Potter movie and hates the smell of lavender.